The comprehensive product range of the brand Dr. RIMPLER

Dr. RIMPLER offers the right care product for every type of skin.
The product range of Dr. RIMPLER comprises a total of 13 product lines, from light care for active skin to sun protection to products for professional use.

Immerse yourself in the world of nourishing cosmetics from carefully selected natural products in all its diversity and convince yourself of the innovative products that our house offers you.

BASIC HYDROPlants based skin care for moistureless and dry skin

BASIC CLEARModern and most effective concept for oily and problem skin

SENSITIVECareful care of sensitive skin

Organic skin care for dry and mature skin

CUTANOVAHigh sophisticated skin care for mature skin

XCELENTThe cosmetics world of the 21st century

Masks and special products for fast results

High concentrated actives for daily application and long term results

FLUIDHigh sophisticated actives for prooven effects.

For fresh and light skin complexion

BODYFreshness and smooth skin all day long

SUNEnjoy sun exposue safe and heathy